Before the sunset

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Today is a special day.Today is my birthday.In my day, illness I won’t want to get many wishes;I won’t want to celebrate it with many people;I won’t want to get many gifts. But, diagnosis I don’t want to get nothing. I want to make every thing being simple.

I woke up at 4am. The sky was still dark.The moon was showing her half face. The Venus was shining in the east and waiting for sunrise.I made a cup of Espresso. In my mind,there was nothing. I only enjoyed the coffee. Maybe, I would wait for something or someone;I would wait for simple words or a little smile face. I should not have the wish.No wish,No disappointment. I remembered my whilom signature words which was used about ten years ago. ” No more longing,No more wish”. These words had been my faith.These words had made me peace.

Now,today,I think that I should continute with my old faith.I feel better. I wish that the sunset would come fast, today would end fast. Tomorrow, everything would be normal.



Today is the special day.Today was blue day at 4pm ago. I had no longing and wish at that moment. A telephone changed the whole day.Although, ed
the content of the telephone was not about special reason. I think everything happened is for a reason. another reason made the call.the call changed the blue day.

If the sun had set, hospital
the whole day would be suck.I think my deadline is the sunset in my mind.

Before the sunset , today is a shining day!

cial Day

cial Day

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