Chocolate help keep you lean

April 1, 2012 Author:  

Today, stomach I read a report about a new study that people who eat chocolate several times a week are actually leaner than people who don’t eat chocolate regularly. haha~~, more about I love this study Read All

The First Article

September 29, 2009 Author:  

Zilch’s life is my life . I’m a zilch. I have happiness. I have sadness. In my website, more about I will write it and share it with you. Sometime I alway feel blue. I am always a loser in the end. Between my wish and the reality, there is a long distance. The results are always too bad. No more idea for me, I only accept all.

So, I must enjoy my each moment. Only do that , I could feel better. Here , I will share my each moment with you.