Save my elephant’foot

January 30, 2015 Author:  

I have two elephant’s foot. When the winter was coming, there they came to life. The green stem and little heart leaves came out of the tuberous stem. They grew up rapidly. I put the sticks into the pots. They could climb up with sticks. More and more leaves grew up. About three weeks ago, hospital I found the speed of the growing was slow, almostly didn’t grow up. I felt that something was wrong. II tweaked the tuberous stem. I felt the softening of them ,not hard. It is not good for softening. According to the data in the web, the core of the tuberous stem is infected by some bacteria or fungi. It is very difficult to cure.
I felt bad. according to the datas, I cleared the soil around the tuberous stem to increase the draught. I confected the solution of the carbendazim and sprinkled the tuberous stem. After 3 days , the tuberous stem much softer than before. I almost despaired. But I thought the skin of the tuberous stem is very thick and it absorbs the medicine into the core difficultly. If I had injected the medicine into the core via the injector, it would work. That was last shot. I injected the solution of the carbendazim into the turberous stem , the more serious one. The other one still sprinkled on the surface. After 3 days, The injected one stopped soften. The other one continued to soften.
Does this indicate it would be better? Maybe yes. I wish.
God help them!

The elephant's foot

The elephant’s foot