Don’t be drunken driver

October 15, 2012 Author:  
Category:Latest News, My Life

Last Saturday morning, unhealthy my VIP told me :” I have crashed my car last week. It was not bad, viagra approved just only very small in the back.”.”oh? how to happen “. Her driving skill is good,it should not be happened.she Read All

Unlock HTC G10 and rooted

July 6, 2012 Author:  
Category:Latest News, My Fancy

My HTC G10 was bought almost two years ago,I have never unlocked and rooted it. Until yesterday, symptoms I suddenly thought that I must unlock and root it.Checked my G10, treat I found that it was locked and security Read All

Chocolate help keep you lean

April 1, 2012 Author:  
Category:Latest News, My Life

Today, stomach I read a report about a new study that people who eat chocolate several times a week are actually leaner than people who don’t eat chocolate regularly. haha~~, more about I love this study Read All

Highest Mountains in the world Top 3

March 27, 2012 Author:  
Category:Latest News, Travel and Photography

One day , page some one asked me “Do you know what is the highest mountain in the world?”. I told him “It’s Mt. Qomolangma”. He smiled and asked another question ” What is the second one?”. “Er….Sorry Read All

Google Images Search say bag and bread are not different

August 26, 2011 Author:  
Category:Latest News, My Life

Some days ago , website like this a friend of mine gave me a bag as a gift. I Read All

The pride of Yanqing

April 22, 2011 Author:  
Category:Enjoy My Life, Latest News

It has more than 10 years away from my home. It ‘s not far from here to my home, visit this but I can’t often go back to my home. I’m uprooted. Sometime, symptoms When I have free time, I would think of the memories Read All

10-minutes delicious breakfast—-Crisp Cheese Toast

March 1, 2011 Author:  
Category:Enjoy My Life, Latest News

Which meals is it the most important in a day? It’s not lunch or dinner. Yes , this site it’s breakfast. If you have a good breakfast , you would feel more powerful. hehe, many people think that it is troublesome to make the breakfast by Read All

Update to WP 3.0.3

December 28, 2010 Author:  
Category:Latest News, My Life

In this morning, find I wanted to update this site. I droped the plugin — ” asr-verify-code 0.1.1″ which was written by me. The Version 0.1.1 counld not update to 0.2.2 automatically, visit this site because Read All