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December 28, 2010 Author:  
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In this morning, find I wanted to update this site. I droped the plugin — ” asr-verify-code 0.1.1″ which was written by me. The Version 0.1.1 counld not update to 0.2.2 automatically, visit this site because of the name of this plugin. the old version was named “asrverifycode” and the new version was named “asr-verify-code”. so it due to fail to update automatically. Fortunately, it was only me to use the old version. I published new version which didn’t exist any problem on the wordpress plugin site. I droped it and reinstalled it from the plugin site. now it is normal.

When i search the author of the plugin which named “Asr” , I got only one result. In my mind , I consider that I should have two plugins on the plugin site. one is “asr-verify-code” ,the other is ” asr-mobile-token”. I was on to it. The “asr-mobile-token” was not published on the plugin site. So I installed it from local. When I set the safe key, i found some problem which has been not resolved still. But these problem are not the key problems.

At last , After I have done above all,Updating to WP 3.0.3 is very easy and quick. then, It will be easy and quick in the future.



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