10-minutes delicious breakfast—-Crisp Cheese Toast

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Which meals is it the most important in a day? It’s not lunch or dinner. Yes , this site it’s breakfast. If you have a good breakfast , you would feel more powerful. hehe, many people think that it is troublesome to make the breakfast by youself. The major cause is the time of getting up. It’s suffering to get up earlier every day. Now getting up earlier is necessary,but ten minutes is enough. I tell you how to make quick breakfast.

Following the steps:

1. Preheat the oven to 205°C(401°F).
2. cut a piece of toast into 4 pieces.
3. put the cheese on the toast pieces.
4. put the toast pieces with cheese on the bakeware.

Waiting for baking

Waiting for baking

5. put the bakeware into the middle level of the oven.
6. set the temparture to 205°C(401°F). set the time about 5 minutes.
7. take out the bakeware from oven.

Enjoy it. Delicious breakfast

Enjoy it. Delicious breakfast

8. wait one minute, enjoy it!

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