Don’t be drunken driver

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Last Saturday morning, unhealthy my VIP told me :” I have crashed my car last week. It was not bad, viagra approved just only very small in the back.”.”oh? how to happen “. Her driving skill is good,it should not be happened.she said:” on the night of last week, case I took in a party with my classmates. I have drunk some alcohol about one bottle. when the party was over, I drove back to the school with them.When we arrived at the school gate,I found i drove over the gate a little. I would reserve the car and drive in,but it was too fast to reserve the car. I hit the low wall of the road. out of the low wall, there is a deep valley.” I was shocked. she is a smart woman.She took the adventure because of alcohol maybe.She is repentant of doing that.



In the two days of the weekend, I always talked about drunk driving. I think she has been tired of me. Drink and fatigue are the deadline of driving. If you have drunk , you are prohibited from driving. If you have fatigue, you are prohibited from driving. Drunk driving and fatigue driving are very dangerous behaviors. If you really want to do that, I suggest that you should select another method to suicide,exp, hang yourself, take some poison,etc. With dangerous driving, you could harm to other innocent people.

Today, I sent a short message to her,” Don’t be drunken driver”. she didn’t give me response. She must have thought I was a very annoying person. Whatever she thought about, I really care about her. She is my VIP.

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